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The Concept of the Casino's Loose Slot Machines

Although there have been no established standard to find out whether loose slot machines do exist, it remains to be a concept based on the personal views of the slot players. Every slot gambler defines loose slot machines based on their own perception of what a loose slot machine is but it generally brings down to a common factor that describes a loose slot machine as one that gives a regular payout to its players and offers something more profitable to look forward to from playing slots.

On the contrary tight slot machines are defined as one that does not pay its players often. But since there are no standard criteria to define and categorize a slot machine as tight or loose it is always up to the slot player to determine whether they consider a slot machine as either of the two.

But the concept of the existence of loose slot machines make slot gambling more enticing to play owing to its capability to offer a huge payout at a single spin and at a lower denomination of coin which other casino games are incapable of offering.

The slot machine payback percentage is often the basis for some slot players to categorize a loose slot machine. But take note that just because a slot machine promises a 98% payback percentage does not mean that a slot player will absolutely get this back in return each time they play the slot machines.

The payback percentage is the average payout the machine pays in the long term of playing slots. And this often takes longer periods of playing slots before it pay out. At times slot players will experience unpredictable winning and loosing when playing the slot machine. And the player will need luck in order to successfully extract a payout from the slot machine owing to the unpredictable outcome of playing the machine.

Other means by which slot players quantify a loose slot machine is based on the odds it gives. In a 3 reeled slot machine with 20 stops per reel one can assume the winning combination will appear only once on each reel. One can calculate the odds of hitting the winning symbols by multiplying the number of stops per reel which is 20 stops x 3 reels in this example. There are 6,000 possible combinations in this case thereby giving the player an odd of 1:6,000. The better the odds the more it is categorized by slot players as a loose slot machine.

Many casinos would advertise their slot machines with a higher payout percentage since most slot gambler's concept is the higher the slot machine's payout percentage the more loose it is to pay. Many assume that casino would often advertise their high paying slot machines in conspicuous areas in order to create a cheering atmosphere once their "loose slot machine" pays out.

Many casinos ride on to this common concept of slot gamblers by offering higher payout percentage on their slot machines in order to entice more players to play which also increases their revenues from their slot machines.

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