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Find Out Whether Slot Machines Are the Worst Casino Game

Many gamblers like to play the game of slot machines but some would avoid playing their money from a slot machine thinking that it is the worst casino game to play that gives them a disadvantage play.

Considering the fact that all casino games have a built in casino house advantage will explain that playing any of the casino game will always give a casino gambler certain level of disadvantage play as the house advantage always give more favorable outcome to the casino.

In order to find out whether the slot machines are indeed the worst casino game to play one should explore several aspects of playing different casino games in comparison to playing the slot machine.

Since the casino advantage always poses an issue in terms of getting a favorable or unfavorable casino game to play let us look at the casino advantage in slot machines. The house edge in slot machines usually ranges from 2% to at least 15%. The average house advantage of slot machines according to the Nevada Gaming Commission based on their payout report is at 8%.

Comparing the average 8% of house edge in slot machine to other games it is comparably lower than the other casino games such as keno (25% - 30%), Big Six (11% - 24%), Casino War (18%), Baccarat (1%) and Craps (11%) based on a mathematical stand point.

On a different light many casinos are able to obtain better advantage against their players on their games that require players to play properly. If a player does not know how to play the game it gives the casino a natural edge over their games.

The game of slot machine does not requires its players to play the game properly since it is a straightforward game that simply requires its players to insert a coin and push the spin button to start playing slots.

In terms of the slot machine payout, there is no other casino game capable of paying out its winner thousands worth of dollars or more in a single spin at a low cost of wager to spend. Although winning from the slot machine requires the major element of luck it still provides a gambler this winning possibility not found in other casino games.

Players can also play a penny slot machine that offers the lowest wager denomination among all casino games. The entertainment value it provides among casino players never wean as more advanced features are added to make slot machine gambling more fun and profitable to its players.

Considering these facts about slot machines, the common notion that it is the worst casino game to play for is refutable and on the contrary slot machines do provide quality gambling entertainment with better profitable end especially when luck is on the player's side.

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