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Sleepless in Vegas: Learn How Casinos Keep You Playing 24/7

The house always wins. No matter how hard you try setting aside all the odds in a casino, you will be left empty-handed. But if you bumped into Mr. Luck while gambling, people in-charge inside the casino will do all things you think they might not do to empty your pockets. Their cards of evil tricks, creepy connivances and dirty plans will be played until you brain-freeze at the thought of winning big.

Casinos have been operating for so long and experts say big businesses don’t just stay long for no reason. In fact, everything is planned to increase your urge to gamble to make casinos profitable. But the truth is they’ve designed sinister ways to keep you playing in the house 24 hours a day 7 days a week. But if you’re lazy to go anywhere you can try this online casino from UK.

Science and the Ancient Times Has a Say on This

Science tells us that you yawn when you’re sleepy. Yawning draws oxygen that will keep your body refreshed and awake. This is one of the agreeable theories that prove the adding of oxygen in a room will make the people alive and awake. Casinos then pump more oxygen from pressurized tanks to make the gamblers feel refreshed. Studies show that a person is drawn to food and drinks. It’s natural for every man to eat in order to live. But this is opposed by Italian people’s belief that “people live to eat”. Casinos find their way to use this by using exceptional, good-looking waitresses to lure gamblers to stay in their seat. The most compelling thing is that it’s free. But thinking how much you’ve spent for gambling will be the main factor of you not leaving the table.

Clock is the most ancient thing in history. Egyptians in ancient times use the sun and stick to tell the time. Time is important, office and households have wall clocks. But casinos break the rules. Time indicators are prohibited to keep the gamblers mind away from responsibilities outside the casino. Even the lights and festive moods are unchanging.

Be Extra Careful With The Interior

Labyrinth from the Greek mythology is an elaborate structure build to hold the Minotaur, a mythical creature that’s half and half bull. Casinos’ internal layouts are made like a labyrinth or maze, the gamblers symbolizes the Minotaur inside. You planned to get out but you reach another conundrum inside the house. Traverse into the labyrinth in order to escape, and avoid the winning sounds of slots machines to make your escape a successful one.

Playwright Oscar Wilde even refer Casinos’ carpet in his last words prior his death. It’s been interpreted that Wilde’s last words “my wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death” was about the carpets inside the casino. It’s been found out that they intentionally designed the ugliest carpets to keep the eyes of the gamblers awake and distracted.

But the general truth is people like festivities with unlimited drinks and girls, poll dancing their way to the players. Bright lights make us think that there’s a continuing party going on. Noises and flashy colors indicate a festive celebration and glitters are signs of wealth and beauty. Slot machines always light up giving the impression that there are always winners in the house. But you win now but you keep losing later on. But stay positive who knows you’ll get a memo someday telling that you’ll be winning.

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